Robert Strauss

Robert Strauss is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the San Jose Mercury News and on the Learning Channel. He recently completed Fortune Tell, a short comedy film. "Honolulu Mommas," a travel story written by Robert Strauss, has been awarded with the 1997 Lowell Thomas Silver Medal in the newspaper article, U.S./Canadian travel division by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation. The article, which was featured on the cover of The Chicago Tribune Sunday travel section, highlights Strauss' adventures as he tours Oahu with wife, mother and mother-in-law. The Lowell Thomas competition honors excellence in travel writing in North America and is open to all travel journalists. This year's competition drew a record 1,192 entries. You may view the article through the Tribune's archives by going to: Search on "Strauss" and 1997. The article appeared on August 10, 1997.