Toy Tuanphimai


Phimai, Thailand

Could Phimai be Heaven on Earth? An inscription, "Wimaya", found in Thailand's largest and most ancient Stone Sanctuary claims that it is.

Some say that the town's name is derived from Wimaya (Buddhist Heaven).

Others dispute this, and claim that the name evolved from the phrase "Pee mah" to come back as in the legend of Orapima and Prince Padjitt.

What is not disputed, is that most visitors to this town want to return, having been captivated by its charming authenticity.

Phimai holds traditional Thai values and hospitality dear and offers a wide range of attractions for the adventurous or the merely curious. The UNESCO World Heritage listed, 11th Century, Angkor (Wat) style, Buddhist / Hindu Temple around which the town has been built is one of many reasons to visit this untainted, rural town, within reach of Nakhon Ratchasima, which serves as a gateway to Thailand's Issan (North Eastern) region, just 300 Kilometres Northeast of Bangkok.

Having left the beaten track and covered great distances to get here it would be regrettable not to extract the full potential from your chosen location. We at Toy's Tours are available to ensure that you get the most from your trip to Issan and in particular Phimai.

Nobody wants to return home and have someone ask "You went to Phimai, did you do....?" if you didn't.

Here is a map of Phimai with the sights marked. This website advises you where to eat and where to stay and provides information on our range of unique and enjoyable activities for you to try while you are here. For further information call us: (+66) 06 267 5516.