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by ThingsAsian, Aug 18, 2004 | Destinations: Bhutan / Thimphu

The Kingdom of Bhutan. Highly organized and illustrated website on Bhutan, its history as well as its future. This site offers an abundance of information on Bhutan's gods, literature, and natural scenery. Site is updated regularly and offers a lot of information for anyone wanting to visit the country.

CIA World Fact Book. CIA World Fact Book on Bhutan. Information includes historical information, geographical facts, population, statistics, and environmental issues. Also other interesting information about illicit drugs, military, and international disputes and national treasures.

Bhutan Lonely Planet Guide. This guide gets to the heart of this beautiful country situated in the Himalayas. Lonely Planet offers complete destination information for anyone traveling to the country including warnings, activities, costs, and sites off the beaten path.

Bhutan: The Last Place on the Roof of the World. This site offers a complete calendar of events in or around Bhutan. This includes art exhibits, travel tours, as well as country holidays and celebrations. Visitors can also join an online club.

Bhutan News Online. A private online newspaper that covers all news for Bhutan. This site is updated frequently and covers all things Bhutan including royal events, celebrations, and financial news.

Bhutan, The Last Shangri-La. Site hosted by PBS that covers all the best that Bhutan has to offer. This film project is an in-depth exploration of Bhutan, its animals, cultures, and people.

Bhutan-Info Homepage. This is a search site offering information on the web or on the site in categories. Search by popular links including religion, economics, and textiles.

Bhutan Department of Tourism. The official government site offering geographical and travel information for new visitors. The site also offers information on filming, travel agents, as well as embassies and entitlements.

Bhutan Post. Go beyond the postage rates and shipping and mailing services, and you'll find the section on the history of Bhutan Post, as well as the information on collecting Bhutanese stamps. Need bus schedules and fares? It's here also.

Bhutan Economy. This site offers much information on Bhutan-maps, geography, flags, military information, government resources, and more can be found here.

Columbus World Travel Guide. Complete overview on everything about the country. Here, you will find historical information, maps, photos, and links to other resources about Bhutan. This site also offers a business and social profile for the country.

Newslook Bhutan. Comprehensive list of news headlines for the country. This site offers very up-to-date information on all news concerned with Bhutan including financial, local, and international news.

Bhutan Travel Library. This site offers travel resources and travelogues for anyone considering a visit to Bhutan. Here, you can read about the experiences of other travelers as well as get tips on how to make your visit a comfortable one. Site also offers links to more specific information about the country.

Bhutan Women and Children Organization. A non-profit organization geared toward the protection of Bhutanese women and children. It was established on November 23, 1991 and aims to protect women's and child rights in Bhutan through peaceful and non-violent means.

Bhutan Travel Guide. Complete travel information for anyone wanting to travel to the country but especially for those who must remain within a budget. This site is filled with information about the lesser-known spots in the country given by those who have visited themselves.

Bhutan Official Web Portal. The official government portal filled with very useful information about the country. You can find e-forms, currency exchange rates, bus and flight schedules, as well as a calendar of events. Directory of Bhutan. This is complete web directory for Bhutan by the guides. This site offers articles, links, maps, and photos of the country, as well as statistics and local news.

Bhutan Specialty Travel Guide. This site offers a list of unique travel options for Bhutan including fly fishing, weaving, sanctuary visits, and monastery events. This site is updated frequently and also provides a list of some of the smaller festivals in the country.

Bhutan: The Kingdom in the Sky. Site offers travel information as well as visa forms, schedules, and information on specific cities.

Centre for Bhutan Studies. The Centre for Bhutan Studies is an autonomous research institute that focuses on research and opportunity in Bhutan. This site promotes Bhutan scholarships through its publications, conferences, and seminars.

Bhutan Times. News on Bhutan, updated hourly. Good way to stay in touch.

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