Craving Some Hot Buttery Popcorn?

by Tara Russell, Apr 20, 2003 | Destinations: Thailand / Bangkok

Catching a flick in Bangkok isn't hard to do. The theatres are plentiful and affordable (and often near sky train stations).

Walking in, you'd think you were in the US. You wait in line to purchase your ticket, much like at an amusement park within the maze-like dividers, but when you finally reach the woman behind the desk, not only do you have to pick your movie; you have to pick your seats (yes, reserved seats for movies). After buying regular tickets (about $2 US each), we headed towards the concessions area. (We could have indulged in the $5 VIP tickets which include bigger theatre seats and a pre-movie drink within the "VIP garden area"). The snack bar sold popcorn, sodas, beer, water, Nescafe iced coffee and Thai iced tea, bacon sausage, bacon dogs, nuts and preserved fruits, and Harry Potter candy bars (even the food was affordable!).

Entering the actual theatre area is restricted until the very last minute. Two or three Thais "stand guard" at the ticket taking area and keep anxious moviegoers from premature entrance into the theatre.

We finally walked into the theatre and were able to enjoy the highlight of the pre-movie show. When the previews finish in Thai theatres, you get the grand finale, "The Ode to the King." This mini-movie depicts a beautiful, reverent picture of the King and his life with music and gorgeous scenery. Everyone stands for the movie and returns to their seats once it finishes.

The seats are cozy and the theatres are immaculately clean. So go ahead, treat yourself to a movie, and if you're feeling really generous, even throw in a "combo pack" (a jumbo popcorn and a jumbo soft drink with take home containers) for just an extra $2!

* * * * *