Diving in Danang

by Global Directions Inc., Oct 1, 1997 | Destinations: Vietnam / Da Nang

Adventuresome divers are always looking for a new destination and we have found a site that we can recommend!

Experienced teachers Diana Gerth (has been teaching for nine years) and Gerald Strauss (teaching for 22 years) spent the last two years in Vietnam exploring options and found that the area around Monkey Mountain in Danang is ideal. They have found clean waters with more fish and color. They either don't anchor or do so in the sand so there won't be any damage to the coral. Because there is no dynamite fishing going on in the area it still remains a haven.

Diana explained that it is an especially interesting spot because it meets the needs of beginners who want to go only 1-5 meters down as well as the needs of exploration divers. There are shipwrecks from the days of Chinese traders of long ago and more recent remnants from the war. The area is also filled with caves which are safe because they are not deep. Gerald said they have spotted fish there that they haven't seen anywhere else in the world.

Their customers start are as young as ten years of age and can begin to take lessons with a tank in the swimming pool. They also offer night diving and current diving. They have a PADI diver course that can be completed in three days to earn an international certificate. They have a full set of gear for divers (Scubapool brand, diving suits, masks, finks, snorkels, weight belts and 12 liter steel tanks that have been newly imported from Germany). With thirty regulators din or int diving is possible.

There is such a wide variety of options ranging from equipment rental to full PADI and CMAS courses and beginning and advanced classes. After speaking with them we felt that they were very anxious to teach divers about the environment of the area and are flexible to accommodate whatever your personal needs may be. Prices are reasonable and the view is superb. The Diana diving base is located at the Furama Resort and provides an hourly shuttle to the area where the boats are kept. Divers who are not staying at the Furama are welcome too and may make reservations by calling the hotel at 84-511-847-333. The fax number is 84-511-847-666.