Pedu Lake - The Perfect Getaway

by Audrey Lim, Mar 23, 2001 | Destinations: Malaysia / Kedah

Just 5 kilometers from the Malaysian-Thai border lay the perfect vacation spot for just about anyone. This is a sanctuary so peaceful you wouldn't want to go back to city life. Pedu Lake has gone a long way, thanks to a massive development plan that has changed this 12 kilometers-long lake into a premier holiday resort. Nestled amidst the dense forest of Gunung Fakir Terbang and undulating terrain is the magnificent Pedu Lake, offering a landscape so beautiful it'll take your breath away. The refreshingly cool environment also makes it the perfect place to unwind amidst the peaceful and tranquil surroundings. Imagine reading your favorite book under swaying coconut trees in the cool mountain breeze without a care in the world. Such are the simple pleasures missing from the daily rush of city life.

Pedu Lake is also an ideal spot for water sports' lovers. You can jet ski, canoe, water ski, and even windsurf. Besides water sports, you can also play a round of golf, fish, camp, go for bird watching and jungle trekking. Jungle trekking can be done by going into the inner depths of the jungle around the lake. There are many protected flora and fauna to view. The lush jungle is also the habitat to a large population of wild animals. There are elephants, deer, wild boars, leopards, birds, bats, flying foxes, and not forgetting the different types of insects. The jungle is also a safe haven to a special breed of albino snakes, but it's not easy to come across to one. The government for the State of Kedah has designated part of the Pedu Lake and its surrounding areas a wildlife sanctuary, thus turning this place into an attractive ecotourism spot. Visitors can also enjoy the sanctuary with the many hides and canopy walkways built just for them to have a taste of the adventure in the wilds.

Another natural attraction to Pedu Lake has got to be the "Appis Dorsata". The jungle is home to millions of giant honeybees, which has a special fondness to the "Tualang Tree", the ideal location for the setting up of their homes. You can sometimes find hundreds of hives on one tree. Watch out for these bees as they swarm back to their hives each evening during sunset. It is advisable to engage the services of the guides should you wish to go "swarm" hunting. This way, you'll also get a chance to visit the natives in the jungle as they go about collecting wild honey from these honeybees.

Do not despair when the sun goes down. There is still fun stuff to indulge in when it's dark. When night falls and silence descends, this is when you'll hear the call of the wild and the occasional hooting of the night owls. This is the time where the nocturnal animals roam free. The view of the moon high above the lake is a sight not to be missed. The shimmering light on the surface of the lake will not fail to evoke peaceful and romantic feelings.

In terms of accommodation, visitors who require a pampered session can check in to either the Pedu Golf and Lake Resort or the Desa Utara Pedu Lake. Both of these are international resorts that have claimed the fringes of Pedu Lake. There are many beautiful chalets for visitors with modem amenities, including an 18-hole golf course. The state government is planning more chalets for Pedu Lake.

This is one place no one can get tired of. Nature lovers can enjoy the wildlife and peaceful surroundings while vacationers can simply bask in the sun and drink in the beauty of this land. You can almost believe that the sun never set on Pedu Lake.