Shopping Asia

Shanghai Old Street, Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Old Street, Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Old Street, Shanghai, China.


Kabul shopping

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Death of a Beijing Flea Market

A Geek's Guide to China

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Shop til you drop

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Bangalore Shopping

The Bombay Bazaar

A Guide to New Delhi Shopping

Shopping Mumbai

Where to Shop in Kolkata

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Stocking a Japanese Pantry

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Korea, S.

South Korea: What should Soccer Spouses Do?

The World's Largest Wholesale District...

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Computer Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

KL - The Shopping Paradise

Malaysia's Night Markets

Of Shopping, Food and Cottage Industries...

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Searching for Kathmandu

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Lahore's 'Indian bazaar'

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The Great Singapore Sale

Things of the Past

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A Late Night Visit to the Great Mall

An Unbelievable Experience: Shopping in Taichung

Taipei's Famous Night Markets

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Shopping in Thailand

Thai Markets - The Real Thing

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Vietnam: Shop Til You Drop

Shop Til You Drop - Hanoi, Vietnam

Arts and Handicrafts of Vietnam

Bat Trang

The Bookworm: Hanoi's First and Only English-language Bookshop

Ao Dai, The National Costume
A lasting impression for any visitor to Vietnam is the beauty of the women dressed in their ao dais. Claire Ellis tells us about its history and increasing popularity around the world.

Hoi An, Vietnam, A Shopper's Paradise
One of the "must dos" in Hoi An - get a tailor-made ao dai. Here's where and how.

The Oldest Embroidery Shop in Hanoi

Paper Street

Shopping for Silk in Hanoi

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City

Metro opens third Cash and Carry store in Vietnam in Asia roll-out

Grand Opening at METRO Hanoi

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