Wedding embraced by the sea

by Ervinna Hon , Oct 8, 2003 | Destinations: Malaysia / Terengganu

Under the waves, they had met and brought together. Silence of the sea embraced both, they can hear each other breathing, each other beating hearts and the marine world for once, became a witness to their lifetime commitment. They had fallen in love here at this isle of love, and chose the moving heaven their aisle to declare their bond of love. Fayol Chan and Christina Lim were dressed in white tuxedo and wedding gown without any wet suits. Divers were stationed on both sides of the hand railings to supply air to the couple. Two boats were anchored 8.8 meters above, its shadow hardly covered the red carpet spread on the sand where the couple had walked serenely passed those who were there to bless the union. The couple family members were standing in front row, some with party hats on them and flower bracelets embroidered their hands - looking excited despite being a non-diver. Small spiny-finned goby fish that are well camouflaged and quick to disappear into their burrows most of the time were enticed by the happening event. Poking out from the sand and tried to make a bee's line with the divers to witness Malaysia first underwater wedding and largest attendance of 91 people. The underwater 'priest' held up panels with words written on them, as an alternative of reading marriage vows. It was more like a peek-a-boo for me, being silly to actually stand at the back row, getting a global view of the couple's backside. Malcolm formed an OK sign, to gesture if the groom agreed to his vows. He answered by showing his flashcards with the words 'I Will' on a pink coloured heart shape background. The bride's soft sheer veil floated like gossamer. A sight I never seen in any land-based church wedding before. The process was repeated for the bride, which she accepted after firmly held her flashcard that almost floated away. Momentarily, the best man swam in a slow motion, towards the red carpet, his hands stretched out holding the couple's token of love - their wedding rings. He knelt before them for the ring ceremony.

"With this ring, I thee wed Take and wear it As a pledge of my love And as a symbol Of all we share"

They were pronounced married and it was time to kiss the bride. Two divers clanking and knocking on their mask to steal a kiss looks unromantic obviously, and so Fayol and Christina removed their mask in a slow gesture, not to muss the veil. Lucky enough, with proper weighting, they did not float up all of a sudden in their wedding ceremony leaving their honoured guests behind. Light pierced through the waves, the underwater zephyr sang and the fishes of the sea dance in one moment, as their lips met and a long underwater kiss sealed. They were presented with a certificate from Malaysia Book of Records as the first couple to have an underwater wedding in Malaysia, off Redang Kalong beach house reef. Divers applauded in their own way. No doubt bubbles doubled. The couple retrieved their regulators and turned to the crowd, slowly ascend to the surface accompanied by red balloons oscillating around them. I turned around and started my swift ascent. Gobies were nowhere in sight that moment. Clearly, an invited guests of the uninvited.