Neil Campbell

My Name is Neil Campbell, and my real Job, when I'm not travelling, is as a musician. I'm a published songwriter and have performed in many different countries. This is my second trip to Thailand and previously I've traveled to North Africa and through almost every country in Europe. In Europe I travelled by hitch-hiking and performed as a street entertainer to make ends meet. My last trip to Europe was to be a great affair, my group, Gallus, was invited to perform in Bilbao, in the Basque Country (Northern Spain) at a large festival. We were flown over to play to the some twenty thousand strong crowd. However on the way to the concert our driver lost control of the vehicle and put us into a wall at sixty miles an hour, breaking both my hip and my left thigh. Arthritis from the injuries I sustained has forced me to find a warmer climate to recouperate. Having been to Thailand before I decided to return to this glorious country. I spend my time now submitting travel advice to The Thorn Tree bulletin board on The Lonely Planet webpage and other local publications. I am a vegetarian and am working on a piece on being a vegetarian in Thailand.