Mother of All Malls!

by Audrey Lim, Nov 26, 2003 | Destinations: Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur

Holy Mama! That would probably be everyone's first impression upon looking at the half-completed building a few months back. The building is HUGE and thoroughly imposing. The massive size of the pillars at the entrance is enough to instill an awed look on anyone's face.

The Mother of All Malls is finally ready! After a few years delay, the Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Center open its doors to the public on September 29th, 2003. Better known as Berjaya Times Square or just simply Times Square, this new skyscraper towering over the Kuala Lumpur skyline is almost like a huge indoor city! Within its walls are just about anything and everything a person needs in basic creature comforts... and more! In fact (with enough money of course), one can practically live in Times Square and not have to step out of it ever.

Strategically located in the very busy Kuala Lumpur's CBD, Times Square was built at a huge cost of RM1.9 billion. With that kind of money, the end result is a 6.8 million square feet "city-like" commercial development that is made up of leisure, entertainment, retail, hotel and service suites. On both sides is a 47-storey tower with a helipad at the top.

Right now, Times Square is touted to be the largest shopping and leisure mall in Asia, and judging by its massive size, it is no surprise that they claim the title with such ease. In fact, aside from being an architectural wonder, Times Square is also a statistical marvel!

Here are some of the mind-boggling numbers:

  • Built at a cost of RM1.9 billion
  • One of the world?s largest building situated on 12.7 acres (5.08 ha) site
  • 203 meters or 666 feet in height
  • Flanked by two 47-storey towers
  • 6,800,000 square feet of commercial space
  • 2,000,000 square feet of retail space
  • 450,000 square feet of theme park space
  • 130,000 square feet of extreme park space
  • 1200 units or 1,750,000 square feet of hotel and service suites space
  • 420,000 square feet of office space
  • 50,000 sq ft of automobile showroom
  • 2000 seat food court
  • 800 dual frontage Atrium shops
  • 300-seat concert hall
  • 56-lane bowling alley
  • 50 eateries
  • 12 anchor tenants
  • 8 cinemas

Apart from its huge floor space, Times Square is also the "first in size" for several other entertainment facilities. For example, it is home to Asia's largest indoor roller coaster, Asia's largest indoor water theme park, and the country's largest automobile showroom. It is also the country's first location with IMAX® theatres, which supports 3D format.

As the building is so big, Times Square is divided into specialized floors so that you won't get lost. The shopping mall is located from the lower ground floor to the 10th floor only. If you are looking for food and entertainment, the fun starts from Level 1 to 4. More fun awaits you at Level 5 to 9, where the popular theme park is found. Adventurous people can head on up to Level 10 to 12 where the X-treme sports arena is located. Those with business dealings or staying overnight can head up to Level 14 to 45. This is where the hotel and service suites are found. Just before that, on Level 11 to 13 is where the Berjaya Group of Companies houses their corporate office.

The shopping mall (at the time this article is published) is not fully occupied yet. There are still many available outlets awaiting its tenants. Décor is tastefully done while the grandeur of the place will keep visitors entertained for many hours. The unique selling point has got to be the indoor theme park. At the Teens and Adults Theme Park, there are four thrilling rides amongst others. They are the Spinning Star, Inverted Twin Hammer, Roller Coaster Ride, and Super Loop. The roller coaster ride is the center of attention. The Children & Family Theme Park has 10 rides such as the Red Baron, Train Ride, Carousel, Convoy Ride, Mini Pirate Ship and more.

If you are hungry after a long day at the theme park or the feet is feeling sore from that shopping spree, why not check out the many different eateries? Choose from fine dining restaurants, al fresco cafés, fast food joints, pubs or even bars! For entertainment, there is the country's first IMAX® theatre that promises a whole new meaning to entertainment, which is scheduled to open on December 1st 2003! Alternatively, the 56-lane bowling alley will also make for a pleasant outing for those who enjoy the sport.

For the adventurous, Level 10 to 12 will be your favorite hangout spot! The X-treme Park, at 130,000 square feet, is one of the world's largest extreme and adventure sports arena. Here, you can find facilities for wall climbing, street soccer, basketball, BMX biking, skateboarding, in-line skating, and even beach volleyball! Here is a place where future international tournaments will take place.

On the higher floors is where the Berjaya offices are located. Above them are 1200 units of hotel and service suites. Located in the two 47-storey towers, the suites are tastefully decorated with luxurious furniture. With world-class facilities, your stay at the Times Square hotel will be an enjoyable one.
Getting to Times Square is not very difficult as there are various public transportations that ply the route. There is also the new monorail along that road. Car park space is aplenty with 4500 bays that cater to the crowd.

Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Center
No. 1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Getting There:
Times Square is located behind Sungei Wang Plaza and Imbi Plaza, which is right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur's central business district. Next to it was the former Pudu Prison.

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