In My Dreams

by James Murtaugh, Nov 18, 2001 | Destinations: Vietnam / Hue

The city of Hue, Vietnam was the old capital. The Perfume River winds thru town on one bank the old capital, The Citadel and on the other The Saigon Morin Hotel. In my dreams I'm entering the front door of the hotel. As you enter, your eyes bring you to glass doors across the lobby. They lead to a very large out-door garden in the center of the building. A place to sit and have a beer or a swim in the pool. But this is more than a hotel. It is the history of Vietnam in the last 100 years. Built in 1901 by the French the hotel has survived thru the many wars. Repaired and opened in 1998, the hotel reflects the old and the new Vietnam. I can see the hope for the future in the faces of the vietnamese who work here. For me it is a place of beauty and peace in my dreams.

* * * * *