The New Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China

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Title: The New Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China.

Author: Colin Mackerras.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2001)

ISBN: 0-521-78674-6.

Details: paperback, 6 3/4" x 9 3/4", 313 pages.

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From the back cover:

Completely revised and updated, The New Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China is an indispensable and manageable guide to the world's most populous nation. Emphasizing the period of the 1990s, the book covers and includes the following subjects: a chronology detailing events since 1949; politics and law; biographies of eminent individuals; an annotated bibliograohy of books, journals and websites relevant to China in the 1990s and beyond; foreign relations, especially with the United States and Russia; the economy, including China's main economic reform programs and objectives; education; population and a gazetteer. With an excellent selection of figures, diagrams and maps, this book will be the standard reference to contemporary China for students, teachers, journalists, travelers, academic and government researchers, business people, policy-makers and general readers.

About the Author:

Colin Mackerras is one of Australia's leading China experts. He is the author of a wide range of books on China past and present, particularly its minority nationalities, theatre and politics. He is Foundation Professor in the School of Asian and International Studies at Griffith University, Brisbane, where he won the 2000 Griffith University award for Excellence in Teaching. In 1999 he was awarded the Australia-China Council medal for outstanding contributions to Australia-China relations.

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