Vietnam; A Third Tour

by James Murtaugh, Jan 26, 2002 | Destinations: Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City

My first tour was as a Marine in 1967. A tour that brought only sorrow and pain. My second tour was May 2000. This tour was emotional at times and gave me hope for the future of the Vietnamese people. Strange how the feeling of coming back home had hit me. My third tour Jan 2002. New Years Day. Saigon looks like Times Square. Hundreds of happy people! I'm home again. There are many changes. Some good some bad. But the Vietnamese people are working hard, moving ahead. Trying to improve their lives and that of there children. There is so much good going on here. All that I had hoped for, so long ago, the Vietnamese have or will have. The future looks so very bright. Along the way I have met so many wonderful people who speak from the heart. If I were Vietnamese I would be so proud. Vietnam is a place worth seeing and spending time in. A place of Joy and most of all, PEACE. Jim Murtaugh

* * * * *