A Call for Chopsticks

by Celeste Heiter, May 1, 2005 | Destinations: Bhutan / Thimphu

As an ongoing motif in my new ThingsAsian Dinner & a Movie weblog format, I want to include chopsticks in all my photos. However, since I live in a small city in California with no Asian markets or shops, and very few Chinese restaurants, my chopstick-buying venue is very limited.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to all my readers to send me a pair of chopsticks. Any kind will be fine, whether in paper sleeves with the names of the restaurants you visit, or those you may find in your travels.

Please include a brief note about yourself, your e-mail address, and where the chopsticks came from. In return, you and your gift will get a special mention in my weblog.

Please send chopsticks to:

Celeste Heiter
P.O. Box 64
Napa, CA 94559

Thank You!

* * * * *