Dinner on the Perfume River

by James Murtaugh, Jul 9, 2002 | Destinations: Vietnam / Hue

Hue, 2002. Tonight we are going to have dinner on a boat on the Perfume River. As we arrive at the dock it is dark. A crowd of people watch as we are dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothes with hats. Our leader and his wife are dressed as the emperor and his wife. I am dressed in blue. The Vietnamese laugh at the American-Vietnamese. I think it is funny too! I took out my red rubber clown nose and put it on as we march with a Vietnamese band onto the boat. The crowd loves my nose! As we are seated the boat heads out into the river. As we eat three Vietnamese girls sing very old songs to us as the band plays. The main singer is the most beautiful girl in all of Vietnam with the voice of an angel. The trip stops being funny as we come to see that they are trying to teach us a little of the history of Hue and Vietnam. After dinner we are each given a little colored paper box with wings. There is a candle inside. One by one the candles are lit and we are told to make a wish and place them in the water. For a long time I watched as the little line of lights floated away into the night. As a matter of fact, I can still see them now. My wish? Just to return someday. And I will! Jim