Dong Ho Prints

by Unknown Author, Jan 1, 1998 | Destinations: Vietnam / Hanoi

There is a small village named Dong Ho in Vietnam. People there make beautiful prints. They have been making these prints for many generations. The father teaches his children how to make the prints and then they teach their children, and so on... The paper is made in the village, as well as the paint. Each print is made by hand, with little wooden molds called woodblocks. They are then laid in the sun to dry. People everywhere put these prints on their wall to make their house festive, especially around Lunar New Year. These prints tell many stories, such as the one about the mandarin procession or the one about the little frog. The rooster is very popular as well as the one about the mouse parade. If you would like to see one, email us with a New Year story and we will send you a Dong Ho print.