Lao Faces

by Joshua Samuel Brown, Dec 19, 2002 | Destinations: Laos / Luang Prabang

The little girl with blonde hair's father is most likely a westerner, according to the people in town.
This woman struck me as having an extremely kind face

Last year I took a trip to Laos (my third), and I went with high hopes of coming away with a publishable story or three. For whatever reason, that didn't happen. While I met interesting, story worthy people, it seemed that none of the various publishers I work with were interested. So it goes. But I had a good time, and I took a lot of shots with my Canon Powershot A-20, pictures that I've been carrying around on my hard drive ever since. Recently, I've been based in Yangshuo, a town in southern China where lots of people pass through on their way to Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Vietnam, and I've had several occasions to show off these pictures. While I get the usual response those I took of the grand temples and Mekong sunsets "Very nice...I can't wait to see it myself", the most gratifying response I hear comes from the pictures I took of the faces of people (well, mostly people) I ran into on the trip. Are they any good? You be the judge.