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by ThingsAsian, Oct 7, 2004 | Destinations: Macau / China
Macau: Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral by night.

Macau: Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral by night.

Macau: Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral by night.

CIA World Factbook. Macau 's economy has remained one of the most open in the world since its reversion to China in 1999. This CIA run site offers facts such as these and many other features that include population specifics, number of deaths per year, and other lesser-known facts.

City Guide of Macau. A government funded site that offers useful information for the traveler and native. Key features include a currency converter, a webcam, information about the local postal service, city highlights, and even immigration department resources.

Macau Virtual Library. Complete list of annotated links for and about Macau.

Lonely Planet. Lonely Plant has a way with words. According to them, "Macau may be firmly back in China 's orbit, but the Portuguese patina on this Sino-Lusitanian Las Vegas makes it a most unusual Asian destination." Find other apt descriptions, city specifics and traveler cautions as well as must-see places to visit.

Country Reports: Macau. Did you know that Macau's full name is: Macau Special Administrative Region. Here, you will find facts such as this as well as background info, politics, and key players of this country. There are also many other countries to research here.

Macau Travel Information. This site offers a little bit of everything for those interested in Macau . You can find out the best way to get there; how to get around once you are there; as well as currency information, entry procedures, and a short history of Macau.

Images of Macau. Many images of Macau; view single images or a complete slide show.

Macau: A Selection of Cartographic Images. Selected maps include views of Macau and particular areas of the region. Maps span timelines beginning in 1655 and as recent as 1991.

Macau School Network. Resources for teachers in Macau as well as those English teachers teaching in the states. Both in English and Chinese.

Macau Travel Guide. Lots of specific travel notes here about traveling to Macau and getting around once you are there. Other resources include links to hotel reservations and airline names and locations.

Macau City of Culture Guide. Lots of resources offered here. Users can create a tour, learn about city attractions, send e-cards, and view maps and images.

Macau News. A complete list of up-to-date news headlines from a variety of sources, as well as business and financial numbers.

Alan's Macau Guide. Personally run site on Macau offering one man's perspective on the city. According to him, "the only way Macau could be described as "sleepy" and "town" is if you're comparing it to central Hong Kong." He offers many images and stories about his visits there.

Macau Government Site. Government site offering e-cards, fact sheets, digital maps, government directory, airport information, and other useful data.

Law of Macau. Complete law information for Macau including Chinese translations of law; explanations of various laws; and an overview of the Joint Declaration.

Ola Macau Guide. Very informative site about Macau, China. Macau is a 500 year old city full of east-west cultural influences; from heritage buildings to the latest casinos from Las Vegas. OlaMacauGuide is a comprehensive guide to the best of Macau's sights, hotels, restaurants, and family activities.

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