Mystical Majorda

by Timsi Shirodkar, May 22, 2013 | Destinations: India / Goa
Shades of relaxation

Shades of relaxation

Shades of relaxation

I visited goa in the end of April last year and that is when Goa is closing down. Thank god not literally like those snow clad places but in terms of business season.

The beach shacks were packing off to the end of their lease contracts, reducing the staff and everything else was slowing down. But that's Goa, even in the peak season it's got its own pace with its slow sunset, the long parties and the everlasting fun.

In our 'Romantic n relaxed' vacation itinerary, Majorda was marked to be visited in south Goa. Easily accessible from the main city by a cab and also connected via the state transport buses. If one is looking for a quiet evening with a tint of Goanese fun then Majorda is the place to be. You can enjoy the local Goan cusine and alcohol at the shack restaurants on the beach, soothing surf sounds and endless pristine sand curling your feet.

I took this picture early in the evening and love the way it shares the story of the lively chat that took around, the relaxing time spent n the romanticism of the sunsets. While the world could be back to the grind, Goa stays beautiful and unfolds to open and welcome the people again...year after year.

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