Pacific Coffee

Breakfast at Pacific Coffee

Breakfast at Pacific Coffee

Breakfast at Pacific Coffee
Reading at Pacific Coffee
Reading the morning paper at Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee is a chain of thirty- five unique and comfy coffeehouses located across Hong Kong. Although each one is slightly different they have some things in common.

They all serve delicious hot and cold coffees in every flavor imaginable. Freshly baked cinnamon buns, raisin twists, muffins, desserts,quiches, crisp salads, fresh fruit, yogurt and sandwiches appeal to the appetite. Huge, soft arm chairs and couches are arranged around tables in a way that facilitates conversation, eating, drinking and relaxing. The lighting is warm and inviting and the music selection is modern and easy going. Shelves hold multiple copies of the major Hong Kong newspapers and magazines in both Mandarin and English.

I haven’t visited all the Pacific Coffees in Hong Kong, but have been to enough to know each offers something unique. The one closest to my home has an enormous chess board with pieces the same size as a small child. The one near Stanley Market has a library filled with interesting books. Some have four or five computers for patrons to use and others feature big screen televisions. One Pacific Coffee offers a fabulous view of the ocean and another is located at the top of Victoria Peak, the highest mountain in Hong Kong.

The first Pacific Coffee opened in 1993 and the business has expanded rapidly. China is known for its tea drinkers but more and more residents are returning to Hong Kong after studying or working abroad and they are bringing the coffee habit back with them. The Pacific Coffee owners say their success can be attributed to the Arabica coffee beans they use in their beverages. Arabica trees grow in colder climates around the world, so the coffee beans mature more slowly and thus are harder, denser and of superior quality. Each kind of coffee served at Pacific Coffee is made up of five different kinds of beans roasted and blended by experts.

I not only enjoy the coffee but also the thought for the day featured on the screen over the service counter. When I had breakfast with a friend at Pacific Coffee yesterday the quote was “The key to the art of living well is the fine mingling of letting go and holding on”. It’s always kind of neat to ponder the thought for the day while sipping delicious coffee.           

The only problem with Pacific Coffee is it’s such a relaxing, though provoking and inviting place you sometimes lose track of time. There is a small but popular outlet in the Hong Kong airport and once my husband and I nearly missed a flight to Beijing because we spent too much time enjoying our Pacific Coffee breakfast.

Pacific Coffee is a real community player when it comes to charities in Hong Kong. They donate part of their profits to educational organizations that assist disabled or economically disadvantaged kids in the city. They also are regular contributors to a variety of arts organization..

Pacific Coffee says their goal is to provide you with the perfect cup of coffee, anytime, anywhere. It may not be the noblest of missions but it sure is one that brings a smile to my face!