Trek on Sacred Grounds at Phnom Kulen, Cambodia

by Exotissimo Travel, Dec 23, 2009 | Destinations: Cambodia
Phnom Kulen Waterfall

Phnom Kulen Waterfall

Phnom Kulen Waterfall

Phnom Kulen is a mountainous national park 30 kilometers northwards from Angkor Wat. The highest point at the park is at 487 meters. The area is filled with jungles, rivers and temple ruins, offering a great hiking experience for you in Northern Cambodia.

Phnom Kulen is considered by many Cambodians as one of the most sacred spots in the country. Locals make their pilgrimages to the site during weekends and festivals. It was here in 802 AD that Jayavarman II proclaimed himself a god king and the mighty Khmer Empire was born.

The site, despite its cultural importance is rarely visited by tourists. Kabal Spean (otherwise known as the River of 1000 Lingas) is one of the must sees at Phnom Kulen. It is a collection of Hindu carvings on the river bed that stretches to one of waterfalls. The waters are considered sacred by the locals because Jayavarman II used to bathe there.

With the area’s abundance of trees, refreshing pools of water and historical sites, Phnom Kulen offer you a varied hiking experience. You will also get a chance to swim in the refreshing waterfalls or have a picnic lunch next to it. Just a short distance away is Phrea Ang Thon where a colorful shrine houses an eight meter sleeping Buddha.

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Fact File:

With Exotissimo’s Beng Melea & Phnom Kulen Excursion tour, you will depart from Siem Reap and into Beng Melea. After wandering the jungle filled area and climbing on the the overgrown temple, you will make a final stop at Phnom Kulen.

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