Chasing rainbow waterfall

by Ervinna Hon , Apr 24, 2004 | Destinations: Malaysia / Pahang

Sprayed by the sun's ray, the colorful arch of colors sketched a gorgeous waterfall scenary. It appeared from behind the rocks, painted itself across the mossy wall while touching the droplets of the waterfall, making it aglow. It is certainly not a common sight one can see a rainbow-colored waterfall in the bustling city. Right here, at the aptly named Rainbow Waterfall, the rainbow completely belongs to us from 9am-10am thanks to the generous sunshine and water.

The rainbow becomes smaller and smaller when we approached it, and turned into a complete circle just meters away from the waterfall wall. It looks iridescent that I could almost touch it with my bare hands. That couldn't possibly happen of course so I joined my fellow friends for an exclusive hydrotherapy session offered best by nature. The waterfall drop 200m vertically, its water breaks as it splashes down and formed mist and droplets - and if you happened to be below it, you will be pampered by an unrestrained fresh feeling!

Rainbow waterfall is by far one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've seen in Malaysia, located at Gunung Tapis Park, Pahang. It takes an hour trek to get to this pristine waterfall from the campsite by the riverside. And to get to the campsite, it takes an hour bumpy ride on a big timber lorry, crossing streams and passing dusty barren land under the scorching sun.

We had earlier on arrived a day before, after stopping over at Sg. Lembing town - a sleepy town with unique charm where old wooden bungalows still perched on hills and old trees decorating its street. Ironically, it was once a world famous glittering town. In the 18th century, it was known as the "El-Dorado of the East", one of world largest and deepest tin mine (2,400-foot deep) with 23 levels of tunnels.

Right after arriving the town after six-hours journey from KL city, we climbed up Panorama Hill at 4:30am - a well-known hill by locals to catch the breathtaking sunrise over the town surrounding hills. I crawled up the steps from lack of sleep and greeted by darkness at the top. The soft grass-bed was perfect while we waited for the rising sun. Although sunrise was not that spectacular that morning, we were well above the clouds - surrounded by just pure whiteness.

* * * * *