by Ameer Hamza, Feb 16, 2005 | Destinations: Pakistan / Islamabad

Basic Introduction:

Chitori is a splendid graveyard of the past kings of Sind (the southern province of Pakistan) known as Talpurs. The construction is awesome and remarkable at the same time and the geometry can easily distract you and your camera.

Chitori is some 17 Km from Mirpurkhas and is on the Mirpurkhas-Sindhri highway.

Who can go:

Everybody who is a Pakistani citizen or possesses a valid tourist/student visa can visit the site. Indian nationals, however, need to confirm whether they can visit Chitori or not. In any case, it is not a sensitive area so you can always sneak, take a look and return to Mirpurkhas.


A tourist visa of Pakistan will generally allow you to visit Chitori, unless otherwise stated.

Travel by:

There are not many options. You can always hire a taxi or a jeep from Mirpurkhas to take you there. Otherwise, there is a local bus that runs between Mirpurkhas and Chitori and will charge you Rs.10 (perhaps). There is one more option, to take a bus bound for Mirpurkhas-Sindhri highway, drop at Chitori stop and walk some 5 to 6 Km to Chitori. It's up to you.

What not to take:

Take water bottles and something to eat. And please do not carry your bags with you, you will look odd. In any case, nowadays tourists look odd there as only few bother to visit the place.

Most popular:

The only reason one visits Chitori is for its splendid graveyard. And the big "qubas" of Talpurs are the main attraction.

Other sites:

I was told by a local that there is a fort nearby, but I cannot confirm because I haven't seen it by myself, nor do I have any cuttings from any local newspapers that can tell me about that.


I am not aware of any.

What to eat:

Nothing for sure. It is a village and you will have to carry your own food. However, many locals will invite you to have food or atleast chai with them. Don't refuse chai.

Transport System:

A rag-tag bus, a chinchi (motor cycle rickshaw) or perhaps a stray truck is all which is there. The road is paved so you will have no problems whatsoever.


There are no hotels at Chitori.


When there is sun out there no thieves will touch you. Avoid nights.

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