by Ameer Hamza, Feb 17, 2005 | Destinations: Pakistan / Islamabad

Basic Introduction:

Ranikot has no written history as such. And there are contriversies about the origin of this magnificient fort. Don't take me wrong. This is the largest fort in the world. With 24 Km of walls no fort can match.

Various people claim various things. The Sindhis claim that this fort was built by Talpurs and they prove it by showing various signs on the fort. For example, I was shown the stones and the specific style of building as a proof. On the other hand, some western 'scholars' claim that this was not built by Talpurs. It is of much earlier construction and the smaller forts inside it (Shehrgarh fort and Mari fort) are of later date. Whatever the origin, you are bound to love it.

Who can go:

Everybody can.


A Pakistan tourist or a visit visa will allow you to enter. Please ensure that it is valid.

Travel by:

You can hire a jeep from Hyderabad or any other city of Pakistan that can take you there. Taxis can also go as the terrain is not very tough and there is a paved road that leads to Ranikot from Sann (a small town on Indus Highway). Alternatively, you can take a bus from Hyderabad to Sann, and from Sann hire a motor cycle rickshaw for Ranikot (Charge Rs. 500 two way for one whole day).

What not to take:

Don't take any tight fitting clothes as that is not much appreciated. If you are a female, then it is necessary for you to dress properly or else you might feel absurd there. People are extremely friendly, the ones you have read about. But don't try their nerves, they can get hot pretty fast.

No drugs please.

Probably mobile phones will not work there as there are no signals.

Most popular:

The fort itself must be popular but its not. Inside the fort, there are two other forts just described above. The entire fort must be roamed. No categorization is necessary here.

Other sites:

Every thing is inside fort: other forts, waterways, strange trees, a village, and lots of birds. (MASHALLAH)


I don't know if they celebrate any other festivals besides Eids which are celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

What to eat:

Take your own food.


There are none. So take your gear with you and relax.


Once upon a time there were many terrorists there. Now, all have vanished. So, there is no fear for property or life.

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